Barnabas Takacs is USA/EUROPE-based interactive artist, scientist and entrepreneur who applies the latest technological advances (such as virtual humans, 360 video, 3D perception, natural interfaces, interactive media, augmented reality and scientific principles of the brain) to help create compelling visual experiences. Throughout his carrier he has lead the development of a number of novel technologies, which allowed him to leverage his technical insight and create unique experiences in the fields of interactive art and entertainment.

New York State-of-Mind (NYSM) / IN DEVELOPMENT (2016) , WHITE PAPER about the core technology and demos.
The largest ever interactive public art project that can be seen even from space... In cooperation with Dorottya Mathe.
FORBES Flow (2015) PDF , Letter of Support
Gauging and interactively displaying the collective mood and emotional exerience of the attending audience using Temporal Disc Controller (TDC) technology.
ARt © -Judit Navratil / Lick Your Tounge exhibition (2015) - Website, Video
Augmented Reality interactive extention of contemporary paintings. WORKS.IO brings clarity to online artist portfolios and connects art professionals around the world.
Reactive Cinemagraphs (2014) - Video
Digital artistic photographs reacting to people's closeness and actions in an exhibition space. In cooperation with New Edge.
Smile Campaign (2014) - Video
Interactive photo-realistic face placed in a shop on Fashion Street reacting to the people passing by and encouraging them to smile. In cooperation with NewEdge.
Emotionally Responsive Virtual Spaces (2014) - Video
Interactive 360 cubic projection controlled by the happiness, fear or relaxed state of visitors continuously measured by a biofeedback device.
Virtual Beach (2014) - Video (see end of video starting@1:30)
Virtual projected beaches of Bali allowing visitors to relax, enjoy a glass of vine ... and take travel photographs of one another.
Make a Wish (2014) - Video
Interactive digital birthday candles visitors can blow away to make a wish.
360 Interactive MultiView Panoramic Streaming (2013) - On-line , Video
A rock concert recorded with nine spherical and 6 regular cameras streamed to audiences in a multiview format.
Interactive Dome Projection (2013) - PDF , Video (low resolution, no audio)
Permanent architectural projection of time-varying frescoes in a palladio style Villa in cooperation with Bordos Artworks.
Interactive Crowd-controlled Mapping (2012) - PDF , Video (interactive epilogue starts@9:42 )
Stereo 3D interactive epilogue controlled by the motion of the crowd at the Geneva Mapping Festival in cooperation with Bordos Artworks.
Metamorphosis: Immersive Kafka (2010) - IMDB , Interactive 360 Film (Desktop only, requires Flash).
Hollywood award winner experimental interactive short film that exists both in theatrical and 360 interactive spherical form on-line. In cooperation with Dorottya Mathe
Kafka Interactive - Art Installation (2010) - PDF , White Paper
A large format U-shaped projection screen to showcase Kafka’s immersive interactive film as a museum art installation.
Spherical Distortions / Presser (2009) - Video Clip , Werk Film
Artistic video clip recorded with a 360 spherical camera head and projected on a large scale 18m wide screen as part of a concert.
"Face Painting" Interactive Virtual Child (2006) - PDF , Video (low resolution, no audio)
An interactive virtual child playing a face painting game with children in a museum and reacting emotionally.
"Best of Beethoven" (2003) - Video (low resolution)
Winner Laval Virtual Trophy & Los Angeles VR conference: A Real-time animated virtual Beethoven.
Digital Clone of Marlene Dietrich (1999) - YouTube Video , LA Times Article
First film quality digital face unveiled at Siggraph's Future Emerging Technologies exhibition.

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